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Peg Hammer Pro., Copper
  • Designed in Japan, the Copper Head Peg Hammer is made of forged steel using a historic manufacturing process. Use it to drive and remove Solid Stakes into the ground. The copper head will decrease shock while hammering and provides an even blow. The Copper Head Peg Hammer also features a solid wood handle, a strap for safe hammering, and an extended head for easier stake removal. Pair the Copper Head Peg Hammer with any of the Snow Peak Solid Stakes and the Peg Hammer Case.


    SKU: N-001

    WEIGHT: 1.4 lbs (670 g)

    SIZE: L 4.75" W 1.25" H 11.5"

    MATERIAL: Copper, Steel, Oak

    Peg Hammer Pro., Copper

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