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Ti-Double 600 Mug
  • Crafted from Japanese Titanium, the Ti-Double 600 is an ultralight insulated mug. Use it during your day-to-day or add it to backpacking kits for a reliable drinkware staple. The double-wall insulation will keep beverages hot or cold and the foldable handles offer compact storage. Please note: double-wall titanium cannot be placed over fire or direct heat source. Pair the Ti-Double 600 with the Titanium French Press for an on-the-go coffee set.


    SKU: MG-054R

    WEIGHT: 5.1 oz (145 g)

    SIZE: D 3.8"H 4.2"

    CAPACITY: 20.3 fl oz

    MATERIAL: Titanium

    Ti-Double 600 Mug

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